Jacob Ukelson’s CV

Academic Degrees
D. Sc., M. Sc., B.Sc. – Computer Science, Technion Israel.

I have worked at a large established company (IBM, Informatica, CA) and startup companies (ActionBase, ConicIT, Dapper, eXeedTechnologies, Itemfield, Noliosoft) in both the US and Israel. I have learned a lot through those experiences, but mostly that software technology companies of all sizes need more than breakthrough technology, they need to develop the technology into a product that solves real business problems. It needs to be something customers understand, relate to and will buy.

Even though I work under various titles – CTO, VP Products, VP BizDev – throughout my career a constant focus has been technology\market fit, aka customer development. My CS and User Experience research background allows me to understand the technology and user needs, while my skills and experience as a seasoned software executive enable me to see technical trends and link technology to customer needs.

Work Experience

October 2013 – Present: Founder – LectureMonkey

Our mission is to provide a platform for students, by students, for local capture, sharing and enhancement of the world’s lectures to boost everyone’s academic achievement.

LectureMonkey is a mobile and web platform that makes it easy to use an iPhone to capture lectures for later review. All lecture content (audio, whiteboards, and presentations) is easily and automatically captured and stored in a users personal DropBox.

The whole class can enhance the lectures they capture through shared bookmarks and comments, and lectures can be shared with classmates through LectureMonkey’s managed share capability.

Our message to students is simple – less stress, help friends, better grades. Once you start using LectureMonkey you’ll see that you can concentrate more on the lecture, there is less stress before exams and classmates can help each understand understand the subject matter better.

LectureMonkey is a available in iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/il/app/lecturemonkey/id547592845?mt=8 and on the web at http://www.lecturemonkey.com/

March 2012 – October 2013: VP Product Strategy – Noliosoft
As VP Product Strategy at Noliosoft ( leader in Application Release Operations and Continuous Application Delivery) I am responsible for  creating and executing Nolio’s overall  product vision, strategy and roadmap (including cloud) – from conception, positioning and validation in the marketplace (existing customers, potential customers and industry analysts) through requirements and development.

Jan 2006 – Present: General Partner at eXeedTechnology
As General Partner at eXeedTechnology, I assist in establishing, funding, and building Israeli start-up technology companies. I provide highly focused, hands-on assistance for entrepreneurs looking to team up with experienced business veterans and managers, in order to grow world class companies.

Jan 2010 – Present: Director, ConicIT
I am a board member at ConicIT.

June 2009 – April 2011: CTO – ActionBase (acquired by Top Solutions)
As CTO of ActionBase, I led the product strategy and future product roadmap linking ActionBase’s technology capability to marketplace needs. Part of this role was to be a thought leader in the emerging Adaptive Case Management community – a segment which fit well with ActionBase’s strengths. As a direct result of my activities ActionBase was considered a leader in Adaptive Case Management.

Jan 2007 – June 2009 VP Products: Dapper (acquired by Yahoo!)
As VP Products at Dapper I led the search for a market fit for Dapper’s unique web content extraction technology. I was in charge of strategy and IP. I led the change of market and technical focus from dynamic publishing to dynamic personalized display ads. This change led to exponential growth for Dapper.

Dec, 2004 – Dec 2006: CTO Itemfield (acquired by Informatica)
As CTO I was responsible for strategy and innovation at Itemfield. My focus was on finding innovative solutions to real world problems and merging those solutions with Itemfield’s technology and capabilities, creating a product vision for Itemfield, validating the vision through customer proof-of-concepts and finally through product development. To this end I lead multiple matrixed, cross disciplinary teams from different departments (R&D, PM, PS). I also managed Itemfield’s IP strategy and established relationships ecosystem partners to speed the delivery of our product roadmap.

May 2001 – Dec, 2004: CTO and Business Development Executive for EMEA Technical Venture Relations – IBM
Assigned from IBM NY to IBM Israel in order to define and establish the organization, programs and processes to enable IBM to benefit from Israel’s venture technologies. This led to the establishment of Israel’s Global Technology Unit (GTU – announced September 2001).

As CTO, I was instrumental in establishing IBM’s visibility and respect within the venture community. I worked closely with VCs, startups and entrepreneurs to create technical partnerships affording IBM early insight into emerging technologies and first-mover ability to leverage these technologies. I worked closely with IBM’s technical and business units both in the US and Europe, engaging them with venture technologies in order to fill technical gaps in existing IBM offerings. As a result IBM moved from being unknown in the venture community to a sought after technology leader.

August 2000 – April 2001: Department General Manager – Next Generation Web Experience (NextWeb)
I managed a group of 130 cross-disciplinary researchers and developers in areas ranging from infrastructure to user interfaces. The department was responsible for understanding, defining and developing IBM’s “solutionware” and user experience for the next generation of the Internet (e.g XML, XSL, SOAP, WSDL). I provided technical direction for the department, insured that the work had both technical merit and value to IBM, and was responsible for the department technically, managerially and fiscally. My other strategic responsibilities included worldwide Research relationship management with IBM’s Finance Sector and Research’s Ease-of-Use\User Centered Design champion. I was also responsible for Research’s small business relationships.

August 1997 – July 2000: Department General Manager – Application and Solutions Technologies
As DGM I managed over seventy developers and cross-disciplinary researchers (e.g. Computer Science, User Interface Design) focused on the areas of Scientific and Business Visualization, Education and Testing, eCommerce Metrics, User Experience and advanced customer relationship technologies. I was responsible for the group technically, managerially and fiscally. I provided the technical direction for the department, and insured that the work had both scientific merit and value to IBM. During this time we also launched the open source version of IBM’s data explorer product. This role also encompassed a number of strategic responsibilities. I was the strategist for Research’s customer relationship management (CRM) activities and I was responsible for Research’s relationship with IBM’s small and medium business operating unit.

Feb. 1997 – July 1997: Sr. Manager – End User Solution Technologies
After completing my assignment to staff, I took second line management responsibility for a diverse set of groups, that the common thread was the focus on end user usability. The projects included visualization, data mining and speech recognition technologies. We also started a program focusing on the end user experience in Web applications.

 Jan. 1996 – Feb. 1997: Research Headquarters Technical Staff
I was part of the team working on IBM Research’s Technology Outlook, reporting to the VP of Technical Strategy and Planning. The Technology Outlook is IBM Research’s view on the future of Information Technology (IT). The outlook covers all aspects of the IT industry – from silicon to software.

Aug. 1994 – Dec. 1995: Manager CDTS development – IBM NASD division
I was the development manager for CDTS (Customer Access Development Tool Set). I also continued to manage the “Transaction Systems Prototype” group. I managed all aspects of development from a research tool to a tool available in the marketplace – documentation, training, development and the transfer of both the tool and the skills required into IBM Network Application Solutions division.

 Aug. 1994 – Jan. 1995: Research Staff Member (Manager)
I managed the “Transaction Systems Prototype” group at T. J. Watson research. We explored ways to use our expertise in “Direct Customer Access” to benefit both IBM and its customers.
 Jan. 1993 – Aug. 1994: Research Staff Member – IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
I was the technical project leader in project with the Illinois Department of Employment Services (IDES). We defined and implemented the IDES “Office of Future”, which provides the technology to allow claimants to do the work required in filing a claim, interactively via a computer.

 Aug. 1989 – Jan. 1993: Visiting scientist\Research Staff Member – IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
I was a member of the Interactive Transaction Systems (ITS) group that developed tools for the design and implementation of software systems. The tool was based on the novel idea of using tag languages and rules to enable separation of the Content of an application from its Style (similar to XML and XSL today).

2000 – IBM Research Division President’s Award for outstanding impact on the IBM Corporation
1998 – IBM Research Division Award for the Sears Package Pickup System.
1996 – IBM Teaming Award for work on the USPS POS1 system
1996 – Alexander C. Williams Ergonomics and Human Factors Award
1995 – Research Division Award for the IDES customer system
1994 – IBM Blue chip award.
1992 – IBM First Patent award
1992 – IBM Research Technical Achievement Group Award for the EXPO 92 guest information system.

Issued Patents

  • “System uses kernals of micro web server for supporting HTML web browser in providing HTML data format and HTTP protocol from variety of data sources”
  • “Method and Apparatus for User Control by Deriving Next States of a Process from a Current State and by Providing a Visual Presentation of the Derived Next States”
  • “Information converter and a method for transforming information”
  • “System and method for data format transformation”

Submitted Patents

  • “Creating and Managing XML Schema Version Transformations”
  • “Apparatus and Method for Tracking Requests in a Multi Threaded, Multi Tier Computerized Environment”
  • “System and Method for Advertising”

Selected Papers and Articles

“The Active Assistance Approach to Command Languages”, presented at IFIP Working Group 2.7 Rome Italy, 1985

“Efficient High Level Man-Machine Dialogue”, presented at the 21st Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Kona Hawaii, January 1988

“Interacting with End-Users in Context”, presented at a meeting of IFIP Working Group 2.7, Napa California, 1989

“A Dialogue Manager for Efficient Adaptive Dialogues”, presented at the 13th Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference  (COMPSAC), Orlando Florida, 1989.

“The ITS Prototyping Tool and Application Development Environment”, presented at a company-wide IBM meeting, Hawthorne NY, 1990

“Usability, Productivity and How ITS fits In”, Workshop on Human Computer Interface Design, Success Cases, Emerging Methods and Real-World Context, Boulder CO, 1991

“User Navigation in Computer Applications” presented at a meeting of IFIP Working Group 2.7, August 1992.

“COAS: Combined Object-Action Selection: A Human Factors Experiment” presented at The Factors Society Annual Meeting, October 1992.
Proceedings, Books and Journals

“The Active Assistance Approach to Command Languages”, J. Ukelson M. Rodeh, Foundations
for Human Computer-Communication, pgs. 27-46, North Holland, 1985

“Efficient High Level Man-Machine Dialogue”, J. Ukelson M. Rodeh, Proceedings of the 21st Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, pgs. 672-681, January 1988

“A Dialogue Manager for Efficient Adaptive Dialogues”, J. Ukelson M. Rodeh, Proceedings of the 13th Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC), pgs.588-595, 1989.

“Interacting with End-Users in Context”, J. Ukelson M. Rodeh, Engineering for Human Computer Interaction, pgs. 445-464, North Holland, 1990

“Case Study: Using ITS Style Tools to Implement the IBM CUA-2 User Interface Style”, J. Ukelson J. Gould S. Boies C. Wiecha, Software-Practice and Experience December 1991, pages 1265 – 1288

“Formal Interactive Menu Design”, J. Ukelson, J. Makowsky, Interacting with Computers, April 1992, pages 83-101 and Center for Intelligent Systems Report #9006

“User Navigation in Computer Applications” J. P. Ukelson, J. D. Gould and S. J. Boies IBM Technical Report RC 17216 and IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering

“COAS: Combined Object-Action Selection: A Human Factors Experiment” J.F. Kelley, J. Ukelson, IBM Research Report RC 17796 and Proceedings of Human Factors Society Annual Meeting, October 1992.

“Improving User Interfaces and Application Productivity By using the ITS Application Development Environment” J. D. Gould, J. P. Ukelson and S. J. Boies, IBM Research Report RC 18074 and International Journal of Man Machine Studies

Using ITS Tools to Create an Insurance Industry Application — A Joint Case Study”, S. J. Boies, J. P. Ukelson, J. D. Gould, D. Anderson, M. Babecki, J. Clifford, IBM Technical Report, RC 16467

“Affordances, Motivation, and the Design of User Interfaces” John Karat, Clare-Marie Karat and Jacob Ukelson, Communications of the ACM, August 2000, pgs. 49-53″

“Combining Structured, Semistructured and Unstructured Data in Business Applications” – Jacob Ukelson, DM Direct, December 2006

“Leveraging Best Practices through a Human Process Management System” – Jacob Ukelson, 2009 BPM & Workflow Handbook, published by WfMC

“What to Do When Process Modeling Doesn’t Work” – Jacob Ukelson, Mastering the Unpredictable, published by Meghan-Kiffer Press 2010

“LectureMonkey – Universal Lecture Capture Supporting Lifelong Learning by Disabled and Elderly Adults” – The 2nd International Conference on Using New Technologies for Inclusive Learning 18th and 19th June 2014


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