Software development (Dev) has undergone disruptive changes in the last years – broadly defined as Agile. There have also been disruptive changes in delivery (e.g. Virtualization, Cloud, SaaS) also known as Ops. These changes were expected to empower IT to be closer to customers and deliver functionality faster and set business expectations that IT will no longer be a bottleneck: changes initiated by business leaders will be delivered to customers within weeks rather than years. This was at the peak of the agile and cloud hype curves.

However, companies on the forefront of these changes have found that they have accelerated development but not delivery to the end-user. As predicted by the Hype-curve there is a backlash and executives are questioning the value of these investments.

The problem is the disconnect between these two disciplines (Dev and Ops) especially in an enterprise setting.  We’ll write about our experience and musings on how enterprise DevOps enables IT to morph from technology centric agile-development into business focused agile-delivery.

About Us

  • Jacob is the founder of LectureMonkey and an investor in software oriented startups. Jacob was Department General Manager at IBM TJ Watson Research, CTO IBM EMEA venture capital relations, VP Product strategy at Nolio (now CA) – the leader in application release operations and DevOps for enterprise.
  • Anatoly is CEO of Accera – a software architecture and DevOps consultancy working with large companies including Amdocs, Alcatel, HP, Conduit and CA.
  • Alex is a professor at Tel-Aviv University. He headed the Technion’s IT program in the Industrial Engineering department. He has worked and consulted and with a broad range of companies including IBM, AT&T, Motorola, Intel, Samsung, SalesForce etc.

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