…and Now for Something Completely Different

Unbelievable – over a year since my last post. It has been an busy time. I was the VP product strategy at Nolio, which was acquired by CA about 6 months ago, and I have spent the last 6 months at CA . Nolio was a good opportunity to apply case management thinking to a specific business problem (Release Automation), and build the tools for it. So DevOps is now my hobby, along with adaptive case management – but besides that  I am working on something completely new and different – LectureMonkey.

LectureMonkey makes it easy to use an iPhone to capture lectures for later review. All lecture content (audio, whiteboards, and presentations) is easily and automatically captured and stored in your personal Dropbox. The lecture is stored as a series of images with synched audio – no expensive video. Our format ensures that lectures are compact and lecturers don’t have to worry about their lectures being on YouTube™ or Facebook™ without their permission.

The whole class can join in to enhance lectures through shared bookmarks and comments. Lectures are shared with classmates only through LectureMonkey’s managed share capability.

Our message to students is simple – less stress, help friends, better grades. Once you start using LectureMonkey you’ll see that you can concentrate on the lecture, studying for exams is less stressful and classmates can help each prepare. Our goal is to help you and your classmates get better grades with less stress.

It also works very well in a corporate setting – away to document and review all those planning and brainstorming sessions. We think that we now have a minimum viable product (MVP in lean startup speak). Please download the app and try it – I’d really like to know what you think. It is going to be fun.


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