Why Cloud Providers need Application Behavior Analysis

I have been reading a really interesting cloud blog by Huan Liu where he does uses various techniques to measure different aspects of public clouds (especially Amazon).

In his posting “Host server CPU utilization in Amazon EC2 cloud” He has found that Amazon utilizes only a percentage of CPU on their servers (his findings point at a 7.3% CPU utilization rate). As he points out, this is a lot lower than what most data centers achieve. The reason is that in order to try and solve the “noisy neighbors” problem they don’t over commit CPU or memory, which means that there is a tendency to reserve CPU for the worst case scenario for each instance hosted on the server.

On the other hand, many production applications have a general behavioral profile like the one he shows:

and it is clear that they need peak CPU for only a limited period everyday (and usage has a pattern).

So the dilemma is – over-commit resources and possibly hurt your customers, or under commit resources and make less profit. I believe that one answer to that dilemma is application behavior analysis.

An application behavior profile would benefit cloud providers in two ways. The first is that the algorithm that assigns virtual machines to physical machines could use a behavior profile to try and allocate anticorrelated applications to the same physical machine. The second is to use an application’s behavioral profile to enable it to “return” CPU when not needed, and use the behavioral profile to “lock in” CPU when needed.


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