Asana and Adaptive Case Management (ACM)

I was kinda of in a funk after I saw that Forrester made us only a contender in their analysis of Dynamic Case Management tools. It was a coup for vendor our size to even make onto the list (we are much smaller than the others their) and we have a different focus – but still – only a contender? I guess “Think Different” didn’t buy us many points… Their summary was right on target though –  we are  “filling the gap between email chaos and process-centric DCM”.

Then I watched the demo for Assana the hot new startup from a co-founder of Facebook. For me it was a feeling of deja-vu. They are targeting exectly the same kinds of issues we address at ActionBase (we do it in email and documents, they do it on the web). They focus on managing checklists and tasks between users that are part of a long running process. They don’t focus on the documents related to those conversations – though I am guessing they do (or will) support attachments. They want their tool to be the “home environment”(or in their words where you live) in your daily work routine  – much the same way email is people’s current “home environment”. Yup – ActionBase in different clothing. They don’t use the word process much – but they are targetting exactly the unpredicticable, unstructured processes that ActionBase (and I believe ACM) targets.

Take a look at their demo and ours – I think that this new paradigm does fit the bill of a lightweight unstructured process management tool (which I believe is the same goal which drives ACM).  I think Google Wave was going down the same path before it was shuttered.

We are seeing all this activity (Google Wave, Asana, ActionBase and even ACM itself) because there is a growing recognition that tools for knowledge workers are lacking. Knowledge workers need lightweight tools to augment their current tools of choice (email and documents), that will both make it easier for them to do their jobs and to manage them.

A lightweight and easy to use tool for managing people’s everyday unstructured, unpredictable processes – that is what I think ACM is all about, and is what differentiates it from other types of case management tools (including Forrester’s Dynamic Case Management  definition as one of legacy case management).

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  1. Team & Individual Effectiveness Intertwined | Thinking Matters Says:

    […] It is well worth watching this demo, because it is an excellent representation of how an Adaptive Case Management product could be constructed.  Jacob Ukelson write along the same line in his post “Asana and Adaptive Case Management (ACM).” […]

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