Tweetjam about Adaptive Case Management

Join Us Thursday, July 15th 12:00pm Eastern

For a Tweet Jam Moderated by Connie Moore of Forrester Research

Authors Of ‘Mastering The Unpredictable’ Answer Questions, Share Best Practices On Managing Unstructured Processes

Connie Moore of Forrester Research along with authors of the newly published book Mastering the Unpredictable will host a Tweet Jam to answer questions about the top challenges facing business and IT practitioners in managing the unpredictable, less structured business processes that remain major headaches for IT organizations – and how Adaptive Case Management (ACM) can help solve them.

        Join us on Twitter at #acmjam hash tag or follow at  or

Among the key topics to be discussed:
– What are the similarities, differences and key trends for ACM vs. Business Process Management (BPM)?
– How do I know if I need case management?
– Who in an organization should care about ACM? Why?
– What are some specific examples of knowledge work that ACM supports?
– What is the primary benefit that a knowledge worker/case manager gets by using ACM? How about a manager?
– Is there such a thing as “Social BPM” or “Social Case Management”? What does that mean to you?
– How do you measure success in an ACM implementation?
– What are some best practices for getting started with ACM?


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