Is HPM (Human Process Management) now Adaptive Case Management?

Last week seemed to be the kickoff of a new area of process management – Adaptive Case Management. Yay – finally third party validation of ActionBase’s sweet spot. Interesting presentations by both Forrester (though they also use the term dynamic case management) and the WfMC (the slides and recording are available from their site – look for the link on their homepage). When I listened to the webinar – it seemed like they were giving the same pitch about unstructured, ad-hoc, emergent human processes that we give about HPM (and I write about in this blog) – so maybe the process management world is finally moving  in our direction…


2 Responses to “Is HPM (Human Process Management) now Adaptive Case Management?”

  1. Process for the Enterprise » Blog Archive » BPM, same as it ever was? Says:

    […] of business taking control back from IT), and it doesn’t sound like some of the new vendors (ActionBase as one example).  Whether these vendors are well-represented at Gartner conferences is another […]

  2. Library clips :: Have we been doing Enterprise 2.0 in reverse : Socialising processes and Adaptive Case Management :: July :: 2010 Says:

    […] post on ad-hoc processes I posted about Jacob Ukelson’s (from ActionBase) concept of "Human Process Management", which is now considered ACM. Jacob has a really good presentation on ACM and knowledge work, […]

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