Isn't Social BPM Just Another Example of an Unstructured, Ad-hoc Human Process?

I came upon a new term the other day – Social BPM (Neil Ward-Dutton’s presentation on “When BPM and Collboration Collide“). At least it was new to me. It  is the use of collaborative processes for BPM modelling. To be honest, I just don’t get it. Not that it isn’t a good idea or isn’t needed – it is, but why is BPM modeling considered a special one-of-a-kind process? Isn’t it is just another example of an unstructured, ad-hoc, collaborative, human process that needs be managed?

As I wrote in a previous post on SAP ‘s Gravity – the fact that SAP needed to build a special tool, not using their own process technology for this process, just shows the limitation of existing BPM suites when it comes to managing unstructured, ad-hoc, human processes. BPM suites aren’t built for managing collaborative, ad-hoc, human processes and neither are wikis  (but combining the two makes things interesting, see my previous post on Combining Wiki and email).

So you would think the process folks, instead of building a bespoke tool would be trying to understand why the modeling process itself can’t be handled by BPM, and then try and figure out what to do in a general way. It is not that the BPM modeling process is inherently different then most other ad-hoc, unstructured, human processes in an organization – so I believe the focus should be on solving the general problem of managing ad-hoc, unstructured, human processes.


2 Responses to “Isn't Social BPM Just Another Example of an Unstructured, Ad-hoc Human Process?”

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