Making the Most of Sharepoint – A Meeting System of Record

Sharepoint has built in support for meeting workspaces – a place to “for gathering all the information and materials for one or more meetings. If your meeting materials — such as agendas, related documents, objectives, and tasks — are often scattered, a Meeting Workspace site can help you keep them all in one place.”. That is very useful, especially since it can be done as part of scheduling the meeting, creating a shared site for the participants in the meeting.

This provides a way to aggregate the meeting documentation – but it is all passive documentation – it doesn’t capture the activities, processes and action that occured as a result of the meeting. It is a good start for a system of record for the meeting information and results, but it isn’t enough to be a true system of record of the meeting and its outcomes. For example, there is no way to connect the meeting minutes, with the processes kicked-off by those meeting minutes. The best you can do is to take the document that contains the minutes (probably a MS Word document), translate those into Sharepoint tasks, and then manually track and update those tasks – so there is no actual connecttion between the documents and the processes generated by those processes.

Through ActionBase for Sharepoint – it is now possible for the group site to actually track all the processes and actions that resulted from the meeting, and link meeting documents to the subsequent processes they generated. The meeting documents are now live documents – and provide a true record of what happened as a result of the meeting – actions, process and follow-up.


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