Is Sharepoint Missing the Point?

I can’t understand why Google Wave gets it, while Sharepoint ignores it  – especially since it is in Microsoft’s favor. What I am talking about is “One of the weaknesses of SharePoint is its failure to account for the fact that email is and will continue to be the fundamental central connective tissue to all collaborative activies.” I took that quote from Bamboo Nation and I couldn’t agree with it more. When I look at the features of Sharepoint 2007, and the announced set of features of  2010 – I don’t see anything focused on trying to bridge the gap between email (Outlook) and Sharepoint (Documents + Process) – which is what I see as the key enterprise context of Google Wave.

Linking email to documents and process is the next “killer app” for the the enterprise – much more so than Google Wave for consumers. I guess I should be happy Microsoft isn’t doing anything since it means less competition for us here at ActionBase – but the natural approach for  Microsoft would be to build the  the platform component and let business partners like us build on top of that, so in the end we would benefit too.


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