Human Processes – Content is Just Something to Talk About…

I read an interesting post about ECM meets Enterprise 2.0 – 7 key trends. From a Human Process Management perspective the most interesing of the 7 trends was – “Trend #6 Conversations – Content is Just Something to Talk About”. This something I have been mentioning in previous posts – that the conversation (or the way we prefer to call it – the human process) provides that context for documents that are used by the participants in the process. ECM vendors lose this context  since they don’t keep track of the conversations (or human processes) that relate to the document. BPM vendors have the context – but only for structured processes – and they don’t link even that to content.

This also came up during the last WfMC meeting where we spent the day discussing “adaptive case management” (which in my opinion yet another name for what I have been calling Human Process Management). Other people call it unstructured processes (Gartner), some call it Advanced Case Management (Forrestor), some call it Adaptive Case Management (WfMC), some call it Human Process Management (ActionBase), some call it Wave(Google) and some call it plain old Case Management (Global360)  – but it is clear that the space between collaboration\documents(ECM\Web 2.0)  and process (BPM) – is receiving lot of interest.


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