Email – "reports of my death are greatly exaggerated"

I was reading the WSJ article on the demise of email – “why email no longer rules…” and think that they jumped the gun – email will continue to be the pervasive asynchronous business communication mechanism for the forseeable future – but enterprise email will change to and morph to be more in tune with how it is actually used in the enterprise.

The best description of the original paradigm of email was by John Bace where he described it as a “Kleenex” usage paradigm – use once and throw it away. Over time its usage has change and evolved to include human workflow (or process management) and collaboration. I don’t think those usages a of email will go away anytime soon. – at least not for a generation or two.

However – here at ActionBe we believe that email is ripe to evolve to better support workflow and collaboration for unstructured processes, along with its original use as a one time notifcation mechanism. It is too entreched and has too many inherent strengths (e.g. asynchrony, push, ubiquity, simplicity).

Bottom line – It is time for email to evolve. Google Wave is one example of that evolution(albeit for the consumer space) and  Lotus Connect and ActionBase are examples in the enterprise space.


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